Help on Searching for Properties
  • To search by Account enter as much of the account number as you would like, including the leading zeros. Entering only the first 4 digits will yield all properties whose account number start with those 4 digits.
  • When searching by Map-Block-Lot simply enter the map, block and lot (if any) in the appropriate boxes. Entering only a map number will yield all properties on that map.
  • To search by Property Location, enter the property number in the box provided and then select the street name from the dropdown menu. Selecting only a street will yield all properties on that street. To remove Street Name from your search terms, select the blank option (the one at top of the list).
  • Any combination of searches may be used to limit your search. For example, searching for street name "SPRING ST" and Map 24 will yield all properties on Spring St. that appear in Map 24.